The Children Support Association (COVSA) is a non-profit 501 (C) (3) tax-exempt, charitable organization established in 2001 to provide humanitarian assistance in the areas of health, nutrition, housing, and education to needy children in Vietnam.

Your contribution is deductible under both federal and state tax rules. We have no employees, no rented facilities, and over $0.99 of each $1.00 we receive is used to provide a positive impact on a needy Vietnamese child's life.

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Trẻ em là tương lai

COVSA is an accredited nonprofit association dedicated to meeting the needs of impoverished Vietnamese children, where the the average family income is only $150 per month. Scroll to the area below the photos to see how you can support COVSA.

Personal checks in any amount are welcome. Make your check payable to COVSA, P. O. Box 650393, Potomac Falls, VA 20165-0393. You may also call the Executive Director at 864-477-9056 or send an email to